12 Step Program

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12 Step Program

The 12-step program started as a two-member initiative and currently has more than 2 million participants across the globe. People who start the program have many internal struggles and appreciate working through the trauma with professional and peer support.

What is the 12-step for addiction recovery program?

The 12-step program has principles that allow people going through an addiction to taking actionable steps that help their recovery journey. The program may have a group setting so participants can openly express their problems to other peers who understand the issue or a mentorship program to help the addict with professional guidance. Most or rather the traditional 12-step program emphasizes religion and adapts a spiritual focus to help patients gain a higher perspective of their life.

Many recovery support groups follow the 12-step program because it is simple to implement and has a proven track record of more than average performance. Some of these include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, and many more.

What are the 12 steps?

  1. Admit powerlessness over the drug or habit
  2. Believe that the program will restore your health and mental wellness
  3. Surrender to the care of a professional and a higher power that understands your life on a soul level
  4. Keep a record of your moral and spiritual progress
  5. Admit that the nature of your addiction is harmful and defective
  6. Ask your higher being or power to help you overcome your shortcomings
  7. Be ready and willing to rectify your defective character
  8. Ask God to get rid of your shortcomings
  9. Make necessary amends where your hurt or shortchanged other people
  10. Create an inventory of your recovery journey
  11. Pray and meditate to connect with the God-conscious
  12. Help others awaken to the spiritual power of the 12-step program

Do you think the 12-step rehab is right for you? Our services help you fight intense addiction issues and include a complete range of treatment from the detox to the inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

Benefits of the 12-step recovery program

They are more hopeful and comforting.

The 12-step program has a room of people with the same diagnosis and spiritual woes. They understand the mental battles that cause drug addiction and can share insights and lessons that help you. Unlike individual therapy sessions, you will be less likely to hide your most profound emotional and mental problems because you will feel understood in a room with similar-minded people.

More accountability

Do you try to quit alcohol or drug addiction by yourself? Most people relapse because they do not have a support system to hold them accountable for their decisions. The 12-step program has a unit of keen people on your journey and offers a lending ear for all kinds of issues. It is easier to pick yourself up from emotional and mental pits because it is easier to upkeep your progress and stay in alignment with other recoverees. Call us at (833-537-0654) for fast feedback or verify your insurance now to get started on the admission process.

12 Step Program

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12 Step Program

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