Car Accident Miami

Car Accident Miami

Nobody loves to be in a car crash, but it’s bound to happen. If you’ve been injured involved in a car accident in Miami due to another driver’s negligence, you might be wondering what your options may be to get a fair recovery for your injuries. Here are things you should do when you have been injured in a car accident.

Seek Medical Attention

You need to check for any injuries and notify a health care provider like Family Medical Clinic if you’ve been involved in an accident. At Family Medical Clinic, our specialists will determine the severity of your injuries. We’ll treat you and keep a complete account of the medications or treatments you receive. Keep copies of all medical bills and reports to prove your medical expenses.

Contact Your Insurer

It will help if you call your insurance company after a car accident. Most insurers have the time frame to report your car accident claim. Your insurance company may deny your claim if you don’t adhere to the time frame. In contrast, if the negligent party’s insurance company contacts you, we suggest that you shouldn’t make any statements or accept any payment until you hire an attorney. Ensure your doctor has thoroughly evaluated you before signing any claims. Wait until all your injuries started to manifest before you make a legal claim.

Gather Evidence At The Scene

You need to prove you were hurt during the car accident if you want compensation for injuries sustained. Therefore, you need to gather and document everything you need to win the claim and get compensation. This involves taking pictures at the accident scene and focusing on the people who have contributed to the accident. Also, remember that you need to keep duplicates of your medical bills as evidence of your injuries.

File A Report With The Police

You should contact the police if you suffer physical injuries during a car accident. However, most police give a limit of 3 days. Your report will be helpful if you file a police report within the time frame. You should ask for the badge numbers and names of the responding officers if possible when filing your report.

 Call Your Attorney

An insurer will need proof of your injury from the accident; therefore, dealing with them may be challenging. Insurance companies need the right evidence before engaging in a car accident claim. Contacting an attorney eases the burden of collecting documentation, fact-finding, and creating details for claim settlement. It’s best to call your lawyer earlier to give them the needed time to build your case.

Contact Family Medical Clinic For Help

Now that you know what to do after a car accident injury, it’s best to consider getting professional help from our experienced health care provider. Contact us today to speak with one of our health care providers. When you choose us, we’ll give you the right treatment and even provide you with an advocate to get you the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Car Accident Miami

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Car Accident Miami

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