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Many people suffer from different diseases and conditions and are always looking for therapies and alternatives to treat them. One of the options that have become more popular in recent years is electromagnetic frequency treatments. Among the different options, Dr Rife’s machines are the ones with the most therapeutic properties and benefits attributed to them. If you have any conditions and want to try this alternative, you should know what it consists of, and where you can get the best equipment online.

The Therapeutic Power of the Frequency Machine

Doctor Royal Raymond Rife was an American scientist who developed his theory and machine in 1920. Also known as Dr Rife’s frequency generator, this is a device that emits low-frequency electromagnetic fields, also known as low energy waves.

According to Rife’s theory, every condition that affects the body has an electromagnetic frequency. The purpose of the Rife machine is to find and match the frequency of the condition. It then uses an impulse with the same frequency as the disease to deactivate or eliminate the diseased cells, thus eliminating the patient’s condition. Although there is no solid evidence, many patients support the healing powers of the machine for the treatment of disease, including as a targeted treatment of cancer.

How Does the Rife Machine Work?

These devices emit low-frequency waves, making them less invasive or harmful than X-rays or radiation therapy. The machine was originally used to emit low-power electrical energy through the hands or feet. Today, top-of-the-line devices like the ones we offer at Health Products 2 can be used with belts or mats to directly treat the area of the body suffering from the condition.

Can the Rife Machine Treat Cancer?

There are several conditions that people report improvement using Rife devices. These include arthritis, diabetes, colds, flu, and many even claim that the Rife machine works for cancer. This has even been researched, such as a study conducted on a group of people with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. Researchers found that the low-frequency devices did indeed affect the cancer cells.

Get the Best of Rife’s Technology with Health Products 2 Options

  • Rife Digital Professional-V3 (Newest Model): This state-of-the-art model is easy to use and comes in three languages. Besides, its voltage is adjustable, so you can use it in any country. It has 24 preset groups to address different conditions, and 5 additional empty slots if you want to customize your therapy. You can buy the equipment alone, in combo with a healing belt, or with the super mat pack to treat the whole body.
  • Rife Digital Ultimate Trio: this device has different sweeping options, so you can take advantage of all the million programmed frequencies. It provides a zapping of about 7 hours, which you can interrupt at your convenience, or use it comfortably during the night. This model includes the Rife healing mat, but you can also choose to purchase it with the Rife Healing Belt.

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