Drug Detox Facility California

Rated as the #1 drug detox facility in California, Northbound creates personalized recovery plans for each patient after a comprehensive review of their physical and mental health symptoms and addiction history. We offer the best residential, IOP, and PHP treatment with a dedicated team of physicians and therapists.

How We Help Clients Attain Comprehensive Recovery?

As one of the top co-occurring addiction treatment centers, we are renowned for our low relapse rates. Our treatment approach focuses on three key areas:

  • Identifying and addressing the root cause of addiction
  • Treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders using science-based and experiential therapies.
  • Teaching essential coping mechanisms and relapse prevention skills to help recovering addicts maintain sobriety in the long term.

Our three-part healing approach helps our clients achieve holistic recovery from substance use and co-occurring mental disorders. Besides, we offer exceptional sober living options and ongoing care programs to help recovering addicts stay focused on sobriety after their mental health and substance use treatment.

Warning Signs Of A Co-Occurring Disorder

Most substance addiction patients are also diagnosed with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. While the symptoms of a dual diagnosis can vary between individuals, these usually depend on the substance abused and the extent of the co-occurring condition. Some of the symptoms of dual diagnosis include:

  • Sudden changes in general behavior
  • Difficulty in managing everyday tasks and responsibilities
  • Avoiding events or social activities
  • Neglecting personal health and hygiene
  • Delusional thinking, along with severe cognitive impairments
  • Refusal to seek or comply with any form of treatment
  • Mentions of suicidal thoughts or evidence of suicidal behaviors
  • Erratic and impulsive behaviors
  • Issues managing finances
  • Poor performance at school or work

In case of experiencing any of such symptoms, consult a treatment provider at the earliest to prevent your condition from worsening. Co-occurring disorder treatment from the best rehab facility can help you recover from addiction and embrace a sober lifestyle alongside improved psychiatric wellness.

Mental Health Issues We Treat Alongside Addiction

Some disorders present themselves alongside addiction. These disorders sometimes become the root cause of addiction, making it pivotal not to ignore the symptoms of your mental health condition. Here are some of the common mental health disorders that present alongside substance abuse:

  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

We meet numerous clients diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They usually feel more inclined to abuse drugs to cope with ADHD symptoms. Doctors generally prescribe stimulants to ADHD patients to manage their condition. The problem is that these can lead to a toxic pattern of addiction.

  • Bipolar disorder

Over 50% of those with bipolar disorder struggle with substance abuse. Unfortunately, patients suffering from BPD try to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, seeking temporary relief from their emotional situations and manic episodes. We offer dual diagnosis addiction treatment to those suffering from bipolar and help them achieve comprehensive recovery.

  • Borderline personality disorder

Addiction and borderline personality disorder often occur together. Over 66% of people with BPD abuse substances at some point. We have the best therapists who offer unsurpassed treatment for BPD and substance abuse.

Verify your insurance with us at 866-311-0003 today. Northbound is a leading drug detox facility in California with several positive reviews and advanced therapies. We help those suffering from addiction achieve a safe, speedy, and pain-free recovery with our personalized care and individualized treatment plans. Join us and get clean with care and support from the best medical and psychiatric staff.

Drug Detox Facility California

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Drug Detox Facility California

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