Drug Rehab Centers In Arizona

Deciding to go into our drug rehab centers in Arizona is probably one of the fearfullest things you or someone you loved will have to do. But it’s so rewarding. One of the common questions people ask is, “What it’s like in our rehab center?” Discovering all the joy that our rehab center has in store for you is essential. At Scottsdale Recovery, our drug and alcohol rehab in Scottsdale offers all the evidence-based programs and therapies you need to recover from alcohol and drug addiction—from inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to medical detox.

What Do The First Few Days In Our Rehab Look Like?

Stepping into our rehab centers means you have committed to surrender yourself. During your stay with us, we’ll ask you some questions, and you need to be honest with yourself and us.

During your check-in, you will be required to bring in a few things into our rehab, while there are a few items that you will not be able to bring inside. Since bed linens, pillows, drinks, and food are all provided in our facility, we don’t expect you to come with them.

Our Rehab Process

Our process includes a physical evaluation to determine your health status and a detox test to discover if you recently used drugs or alcohol. You’ll go straight into our addiction treatment program if you haven’t used drugs for a while. If you have use drugs, we’ll begin with detox. 

Detox seems challenging because of the fear of withdrawal. The good news is that our facility provides options that can help you ease the discomfort of withdrawal. When you visit our rehab center, expect things like:

  • Meetings with counselors
  • Introductions to other patients
  • Non-narcotic medications to ease drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Board games, Television, books, and other means of healthy distraction
  • A staff that regularly checks your blood pressure, and other vital signs

Detoxing In Rehab

Detoxing for drugs or alcohol can be challenging. At Scottsdale Recovery, we can help you mitigate the effect of withdrawal with proper care. When you visit our care facility, fellow addicts and compassionate staff will surround you. Once your detox period ends, the real work starts. This is your recovery journey, not the work that you’ll be doing any manual labor.

We Can Help You Get the Right Help

At Scottsdale Recovery, we have the alcohol or drug treatment programs you need to get the support you need. You are not alone in our facility. Our rehab in Scottsdale is dedicated to your recovery and well-being. We’ll customize our rehab program to your unique needs.

Contact Scottsdale Recovery About Joining Our Drug Rehab Center In Arizona

At Scottsdale Recovery, we are focused on your well-being and long-term recovery by helping you or a loved one regain their life. We offer many program and aftercare treatment so that you are never alone throughout your recovery journey. Give us a call today at 602-346-9142 to see what we can do for you.

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Drug Rehab Centers In Arizona

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