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St. John’s Recovery Place is one of the finest Florida addiction recovery centers out there. With our highly trained, expert, and compassionate staff, our years of experience in successfully helping our patients with Drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL, and our luxurious Florida recovery centers, we have garnered a leading name for our Alcohol treatment centers. We believe that considering and taking into account the mental health of an individual is essential for a successful and complete drug addiction rehab journey. So, through our luxurious rehabilitation centers that provide a peaceful, homely, and aesthetically pleasing environment for all our patients, we aim to make this a pleasing and mentally cherishing experience for our residents. The hospitality of our highly compassionate team, and the overall friendly and interactive setting for all our residents, is the cherry on top to make the Florida drug treatment experience of our patients a pleasantly memorable one.

We have three Luxury rehab centers in Florida, located at three prime locations, Crescent City, Melbourne, and DeLand. Here’s a short overview of the three:

1) SRJP Crescent City, Florida:

This is our main recovery center campus. This campus has a state-of-the-art structure, a luxurious and homely interior, and a huge rehabilitation and socialization space. We offer several alternate types of rehab therapies within the boundaries of this campus, such as Horse therapy, Art therapy, Music therapy, Massa therapy, individually curated custom treatment therapy plans, etc. What makes our therapy center truly unique is the range of adventure therapy and animal-assisted therapy options that you can enjoy while going through rehab at our facility. Biking, hiking, surfing, shipping, swimming, etc. you name it we got it. Once you are doing better and have moved to the outpatient therapy program you can also make use of the additional benefits that the serene area of Crescent City has to offer, for instance, touring Welaka State Forest, a fishing trip with a tug of wars charters, rejoicing with the art of yoga at Amrit Yoga Institute, going on a beautiful hiking trail at the Salt Springs Observation Trails.

2) Melbourne, Florida:

Another one of our luxurious SRJP rehab center is located in the beautiful and relaxing area of Melbourne. Even though most rehab centers across the state offer more or less the same treatment methods and inpatient facilities, what makes our Melbourne campus’s experience unique and highly pleasing is the peaceful environment and the entertainment options that one can make use of. Such as being able to interact with exotic wildlife, go fishing anytime, warm weather throughout the year, several hiking trails to explore, exploring the various abundant cultures, routines, and cuisines, amongst various other fun-filled activities.

3) DeLand, Florida:

Located in the heart of central Florida, DeLand is an area that bursts with nature but also is developed enough to have good entertainment activities. DeLand has warmly pleasant weather throughout the year and offers its visitors or residents several opportunities for entertainment throughout the year. The environment at DeLand is very peaceful, and the residents are super friendly and hospitable. It is a city that has several lakes running within it and the St. John’s rivers too, along with its natural preserves, rich culture, art galleries, museums, and adventure trails, DeLand has a lot to offer for everyone.

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Florida Recovery Center

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Florida Recovery Center

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