Inpatient Drug Rehab Florida

Inpatient Drug Rehab Florida

Getting free of drugs and staying sober can be dangerous without professional care. When an addict is trying to get clean, they need to be under constant medical supervision. This is important through the detox and withdrawal process but also through the inpatient rehab.

The level of medical care that is needed can only be found in an Inpatient Drug Rehab In Florida. Without the proper care, relapse is much more likely. The first step to recovery from drug addiction is detox. With the detox process which takes one to two weeks, you will experience withdrawals. This is the time that your body is getting rid of the drugs and toxins that are in your system. During this crucial period, you need to be in a detox center where doctors and nurses are watching you around-the-clock. They may need to give you some medications to help make this process a little easier for you.

Once you complete the detox process, then you may need to go to an inpatient drug rehab in Florida to continue your treatment and healing process. The average stay at an inpatient facility is thirty days. However, you may need a more extended stay. Your doctor will assess your progress regularly and determine how long you need to stay. There are several factors in this decision. One is the number of drugs you used and the length of time you were using them. The severity of your addiction is critical in determining your course of treatment. If you have been in rehab before then, you may need a little longer to progress like you need to. If any other health problems need to be dealt with is another factor.

Each Inpatient Drug Rehab In South Florida has its treatment methods. Some only treat a specific drug. This is especially true with heroin and alcohol. Some are for a particular gender or age group like teens or seniors. It is imperative that you select a facility that will address your specific needs. At Compassion Behavioral Health we use many types of therapy to help you achieve and maintain sobriety.

From day one of your stay, you will participate in group therapy. One of our trained counselors conducts group therapy. These meetings focus on creating friendships and sharing the concerns and victories of the fellow members, While you are here you will attend group therapy for about five hours a day. During this time many issues will be addressed. Mental and emotional issues will also be discussed.

Another kind of therapy you will receive here at Compassion House is individual therapy. This is sometimes called psychotherapy. This is when you will meet one-on-one with a therapist, and you will discuss personal issues you are or will be facing. You will learn to experience feelings that were not there during drug use. You will also learn how to overcome the things that may prevent your successful recovery. You will also develop a relapse prevention plan.

There are other therapies that you will attend to help you live a happy, healthy life free of drugs. Inpatient drug rehab is hard work but it well worth it. Our staff understands just how hard it is and are here to help.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Florida