Iop Drug Rehab Oxnard

Attending an IOP drug rehab in Oxnard may be the starting point of a liberating journey towards a brighter tomorrow. The sooner you sign up for rehab treatment, the greater the chances of achieving a safe and speedy recovery from your behavioral and mental health problems. Channel Islands Rehab is a specialized addiction treatment facility focused on treating dual diagnosis disorders. Here is a list of treatment programs we offer:

  • Medical Detox

Medical detox treatment involves using specific medications to help the body eliminate the toxins resulting from several months or years of drug or alcohol abuse. We offer the best detox treatment in a world-class rehab center with 24/7 medical care and dedicated staff. Medical detox marks the first phase in a long-term treatment process and can help you get started on your recovery journey on the right foot. We use cutting-edge medications alongside therapy to help recovering addicts overcome their withdrawal symptoms and cravings safely.

  • Residential Rehab Treatment

We offer the best inpatient addiction rehabilitation programs in a state-of-the-art rehab facility with top-notch amenities, gourmet meals, advanced treatments, and a skilled clinical team. Our recovering addicts stay in a secluded, serene, and stress-free environment for 30 – 90 days and participate in wellness programs and psychotherapies to get sober. Residential treatment programs help individuals suffering from severe addiction disorders achieve holistic recovery from addiction and learn essential survival and coping skills to manage triggers and stressful situations.

  • Family Program

An addiction disorder not only affects the addict but also afflicts a great deal of pain on their family members and loved ones. Our family program involves a therapist and the family members and focuses on improving relationships and resolving family conflicts and dysfunction. Our therapist encourages the addict and their family members to express and process feelings during family therapy. It improves communication skills and develops healthier interpersonal dynamics. Besides, addiction is a family disease. Offering support to the family members via therapy educates them on the implications of substance abuse disorder, therefore creating a safe space for the recovering addicts to lead a sober life.

  • IOP Addiction Treatment

We offer the best intensive outpatient program in Oxnard with a dedicated clinical team, evidence-based therapies, and the lowest relapse rates. Our IOP addiction treatment helps individuals suffering from a moderate addiction disorder attain comprehensive recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders. Our intensive drug and alcohol treatment is affordable, making it accessible to everyone.

  • Outpatient Rehab

We offer unsurpassed outpatient treatment for substance abuse with a dedicated and experienced staff team. Our outpatient addiction programs help individuals in the early stages of addiction get clean and learn essential skills to lead a healthy and sober life. Outpatient treatment offers greater flexibility to those with busy jobs and unavoidable family commitments. It enables you to heal and recover from addiction with the love and support of your family members.

Contact 800-675-7963 to verify your insurance with Channel Islands Rehab. Do not take your addiction situation lightly. Signing up for treatment at an IOP drug rehab in Oxnard at the earliest can improve your chances of getting clean in a safe and pain-free manner. We help our clients overcome addiction and adopt a healthy lifestyle with evidence-based programs and humanistic therapies. Get in touch with us now.

Iop Drug Rehab Oxnard