Medical Detox Orange County

Detox eliminates toxins from the bloodstream of a substance-dependent patient. It is intended to relieve withdrawal symptoms upon quitting drugs and assist patients in overcoming physical dependence.

In some circumstances, withdrawal from an addictive drug may be life-threatening. Health experts utilize drugs and other ways to reduce the withdrawal process and carefully control the negative impacts of withdrawal in detoxification and rehabilitation facilities.

Why is Medical Detox Necessary?

When an individual consumes alcohol or other substances for a prolonged time, their body develops a physical dependence on the substance. The brain gets used to the substance's effects and adapts to function normally. Finally, a person develops tolerance, which requires them to take greater quantities of the drug to get the same results.

Tolerance progresses to addiction when the body requires the substance to function normally. When a person stops taking a medication, the body responds unfavorably, producing withdrawal symptoms such as fevers, headaches, vomiting, and other adverse effects. When the body is stripped of substances, it begins to crave them.

It is challenging to abstain from alcohol and other drugs due to craving and withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, detoxification under medical supervision may help patients safely endure withdrawal. Over time, the body re-learns how to operate without the drug, and craving reduces.

Expectations During Medical Detox

The procedure starts with an evaluation. Medical personnel will inquire about the substance abuse history and the patient's health condition. Individuals will be screened for associated mental health and substance use conditions, viral infections, and nutrition deficits.

A physician or addiction expert will build a strategy to ensure the patient's safety and comfort after knowing more about their health. The individual will be provided a room and observed for one week in an inpatient setting. Clinicians or mental health providers will create a treatment strategy and appointment plan in an outpatient setting.

Substance Use and Co-Occurring Mental Disorders

Often, mental health disorders and drug use issues co-occur. This is due to:

  • Mental health issues may often progress to substance or alcohol abuse since some individuals with mental health issues may self-medicate with these drugs.
  • Certain illegal substances may trigger one or more signs of a mental disorder in individuals with an addiction. An individual must undergo dual diagnosis addiction treatment to simultaneously focus on treating addiction and mental health.
  • Mental and drug use problems have underlying causes, including alterations in brain structure, genetic susceptibilities, and early exposure to stress and trauma. This will require co-occurring disorder treatment to prevent further problems.

How to Locate a Detox Facility?

Detox facilities have various focuses. Some facilities simply provide alcohol detoxification, while others offer an impressive list of addiction therapies like co-occurring addiction treatment centers. Various genders or age groups, as well as religious affiliations, may be served by detoxification facilities.

Before initiating detoxification, the top centers conduct detailed assessments or evaluations. Healthcare professionals, physicians, or qualified personnel test for severe disorders, psychological issues, and other health concerns. They assess the degree of a patient's addiction and build a treatment plan tailored to the individual's requirements.

Detoxification programs must provide treatment to prevent cravings and relieve withdrawal symptoms. In addition, they prepare patients for future treatment and provide recommendations to support groups, therapists, and other community-based aftercare support organizations.

Before entering a detoxification facility, you should build a long-term treatment strategy for addiction recovery. Before joining, it is essential to make an appointment with a counselor, therapist, or rehabilitation institution.

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Medical Detox Orange County

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Medical Detox Orange County

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