natural health retreat Vancouver

natural health retreat VancouverIf you’re searching for a natural health retreat in Vancouver, consider making a journey to IbogaSoul. There, you’ll experience the most efficient physical detox known to anyone on the planet- and much, much more.

The founders at IbogaSoul have brought the African tradition of the Bwiti people back to the western culture and offer it to their guests, along with Iboga, which expands the knowledge base and leads to self-healing and a connection to the spiritual world, often providing the missing link to unconditionally being a happy human being. IbogaSoul is the only natural health retreat in Vancouver that uses a shamanistic way to guide its guests along on their journey to psycho-spiritual understanding.

While some people have heard of Ibogaine, which is the extracted alkaloid from the Iboga root, many people fail to realize that Ibogaine is only one of several alkaloids found within the Iboga root and used as medicine. IbogaSoul uses a complete spectrum of the Iboga’s healing ability in their toolkit to assist in personal healing.

Addicts who come to IbogaSoul with problems that range from gambling, work, sex, drugs, negative thoughts or of another component, are suffering with a skin-deep reaction to deeper problems. The true cause of addiction is the disconnection from their souls, which have become fragmented during some point in their life. Whether the fragmentation to your soul occurred a few months ago or early on in childhood, the shamanically trained healers at IbogaSoul are there to guide you to face, uncover, uproot and accept the disconnection of your soul.

Iboga treatment does not delete the memory, rather, it allows people to see greater truths by revealing negative patterns and an understanding of what is causing them. At the natural health retreat in Vancouver, you will be provided with a connection to the spiritual world, with Iboga acting as a link in the transformation that will lead to  more complete and happy person. The founders of IbogaSoul frequently travel back to Gabon, Africa to increase their knowledge of the African traditions of Bwiti and Iboga.

The deeper truth is that you and your soul are one and when the two of you are happy and united, you become the whole human being you have always wanted to be. Many guests at IbogaSoul’s natural health retreat in Vancouver are surprised when they learn that their soul has become angry with them for ignoring the truth that the spiritual reality is greater than the physical reality. Having healthy thoughts and being self-abusive leads us away from living in the truth. You can experience the transformation that will occur once you have made amends with your soul and have made the decision to be honest, loving and attentive to yourself.

Take the first step on your journey to self-discovery by visiting, where you will learn more about how it is possible to change your life for the better. Feel free to call IbogaSoul at 604-388-SOUL for more information. natural health retreat Vancouver