North Calgary chiropractor

North Calgary chiropractor

Why you need to see a North Calgary chiropractor?

Chiropractic care involves manipulation of the spine in order to unlock joints that are otherwise stuck in unhealthy positions. The ways we move or how we sit, stand, or sleep place pressure on the spinal column and other joints in the body. You may have experienced something suddenly causing a movement pattern and causing your body to get out of alignment (an injury), or you might be noticing that movement patterns completed day after day for a long period of time are leading to pain and misalignment (chronic, repetitive use). Both situations are appropriate for chiropractic care.

Specifically, you’ll need to see a North Calgary chiropractor if you are experiencing back pain, headaches, pain in any joints of the body, sprains or strains. You can also see a chiropractor as a wellness tool to keep your musculoskeletal system and whole body functioning optimally.

If you’ve had an injury, it’s often hard to decide what healing modality to use first. At Northern Hills Chiropractic, our providers have several skill sets including acupuncture, therapeutic massage, kinesio taping, myofascial release, and deep tissue massage. So, if something other than a chiropractic adjustment is more appropriate at your stage of healing, we have many options for treatment.

Our North Calgary chiropractor has treated a wide variety of clients including professional sports players, olympians, and many people for common ailments and injuries.

Why Chiropractic?

One of the best things about getting a chiropractic adjustment as part of healing an injury or maintaining overall wellness is that it is a completely drug and surgery-free option. Therefore there are fewer risks and costs involved.

The benefits of getting this treatment from our North Calgary chiropractor is not only experience and high quality care, but the ability to have it as a part of other approaches within one clinic. Our chiropractor will also be able to help you learn better movement patterns in order to decrease the risk of misalignment in the same ways again.

Sitting too much?

It takes time to introduce new movement patterns into our lives. One important thing to try to change is our posture while we sit. In Westernized societies we sit way more than we ever did as humans! So remember that it’s important to get up and move around, and maintain good posture while seated.

Poor posture, (imagine sitting at a computer, typing, hunched over) causes the head to come forward over the front of the body. It’s been estimated that this “forward head posture” adds 10lb of weighted pressure to the spine for every inch forward.

While not totally noticeable on any given day, this amount of pressure adds up. Make sure to sit up straight, keeping your eyes in-line with your shoulders. This will help the benefit of your chiropractic appointments go even further, and it ensures more optimal functioning and overall health.

Call Northern Hills Chiropractic Today

Our North Calgary chiropractor will help teach you about your typical movement patterns and provide the adjustment needed to correct posture. Getting chiropractic care will help reduce pain, heal injuries, ease anxiety, and promote well-being. We think you’ll love it as much as we do!

North Calgary chiropractor

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