Outpatient rehab Scottsdale

Outpatient rehab Scottsdale

Substance addiction is a chronic illness with severe long-term consequences, making the recovery process extremely complex and uncertain. Rising Phoenix Wellness Services offers outpatient rehab in Scottsdale combined with detox and inpatient treatment to help people recover fast and remain sober over the years. If you’re dealing with withdrawal symptoms regularly, you need to consider coming to our Arizona treatment center today.

What to expect during the outpatient program?

The outpatient program becomes available the moment you complete the inpatient treatment at our Arizona addiction recovery center. It’s always an option for people who don’t need inpatient services in the first place since their condition is more stable. The outpatient program provides one to three therapy sessions per week, individual therapy, psychiatric care, medication and case management, and family support.

The program relies on a patient-oriented approach, helping people build upon their gains during inpatient treatment. It supports continuous recovery, unbreakable commitment to sobriety, personal development, and peer support for social reintegration, confidence, and higher self-esteem. If you’re a shy and undecided individual, our outpatient program will work wonders for you.

You only need to arrive at our center several times per week, depending on your preferences and capabilities, therapy, counseling, testing, and guidance. Here, you can interact with other patients, share your life’s stories, recovery-related achievements, and support one another on your way to sobriety and a healthier lifestyle.

The effectiveness of the outpatient rehab program

The outpatient program’s effectiveness depends on several factors, including:

  • Whether you have completed the inpatient treatment along with the detox phase
  • The substance you’re using and your addiction’s duration
  • Whether you have any co-occurring mental problems
  • The severity of your withdrawal
  • Your overall physical, mental, and spiritual state, etc.

You don’t need to undergo inpatient treatment if you’re only dealing with mild addiction levels. In that case, our outpatient Scottsdale drug and alcohol treatment is enough to provide you with the tools for a healthy and sober lifestyle over the years. If you’re interested in finding additional info on our Scottsdale addiction treatment center, our counselors are open to discussions 24/7.

Find the best outpatient program today!

If you’re showing signs of substance addiction, you need to seek our Scottsdale rehab for addiction treatment soon. It is a lot easier to treat your addiction in its early stages than in its more advanced stages and a lot more effective. Early treatment will cost less and end faster than more advanced and demanding recovery programs. If you’re looking for rehab treatment for yourself or someone close to you, our outpatient rehab in Scottsdale is the ideal option. At our center, we offer safety, comfort, guidance, and access to some of the business's most effective rehabilitation programs.

Contact our team of counselors today at Rising Phoenix Wellness Services (480-589-0895), and let’s discuss your payment and rehab options! You can ask for details about our treatment and make an appointment for immediate clinical assessment soon.

Outpatient rehab Scottsdale