skilled nursing Albuquerque

skilled nursing Albuquerque

As heartbreaking as it may be to look for nursing homes for a loved one, it is better for their well-being in the long run. At The Suites Rio Vista, we offer extensive nursing care personalized for each patient. We offer services such as occupational therapy, nutrition, respite care, and skilled nursing in Albuquerque.

What is skilled nursing?

Skilled nursing is specialized medical care from licensed health care professionals to help individuals requiring long-term care or short-term rehabilitation after an illness or injury. People quite often associate skilled nursing to nursing homes. Skilled nursing refers to a service and doesn’t always require a facility, though most nursing homes offer it.

Skilled nursing services include things like IV therapy, wound care, injections, physical therapy, monitoring vital signs and medical equipment, etc. Skilled nursing could take place in various settings (such as at home or nursing facility) for any period. It usually qualifies for Medicaid, Medicare, or other forms of private insurance if a doctor orders it.

How nursing homes help vulnerable individuals

Nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) refer to the same thing. These facilities provide vulnerable patients with long term medical conditions or other complex health issues, constant medical attention. If you are looking for facilities that provide skilled nursing in Albuquerque, contact us, or visit our website to find out about our nursing services.

Nursing homes have licensed medical staff such as registered nurses (RNs), certified nurse’s assistants (CNAs), that frequently monitor its resident patients. They are available for round the clock medical supervision.

Differences between nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Sometimes, people use the terms of nursing homes and assisted living facilities interchangeably. But, they are not the same, and there are important distinctions. Generally, nursing homes provide more extensive medical care than assisted living facilities.

Both nursing homes and assisted living facilities do provide personal care services like feeding, dressing, and cleaning. However, those who live in nursing homes require round the clock supervision due to complex health conditions. They require monitoring by licensed health care professionals like nurses and doctors.

Finding a good nursing home

Choosing a safe, healthy environment for a vulnerable loved one is a huge responsibility. The best place to start is to ask people you know for their recommendations. The internet is the next best place to look, and there are numerous great places you can find online.

If you do look online, make sure that you check client testimonials thoroughly and research the facility for their history. Look for things like violations, history of abuse, or complaints from past clients.

Compile a list of a few places and contact them to find out more and explain your circumstances. Narrow down your list by considering things like cost, range of services, credentials, etc. Book a visit with the shortlisted options and talk to the director of the facility.

The Suites Rio Vista is a facility that offers skilled nursing in Albuquerque, along with many other services for nursing care. Contact us or visit our website to find out more about our services.

skilled nursing Albuquerque

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skilled nursing Albuquerque

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