Substance Abuse Recovery Nashville

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Substance Abuse Recovery Nashville

Addiction is a very serious condition as it can affect how an individual functions. It can affect work, school, family, relationships, and so on. Treating addiction is equally tasking.

Addiction recovery can be a very rigorous process and sometimes can take a lot of time. Substance abuse recovery in Nashville is however achievable if the right treatment plan is administered.

This is why it is important to create time to select the right treatment to make the process as easy and fast as possible. The right treatment center must have a clear-cut treatment plan and procedure.

Our Substance Abuse Recovery Steps

We have a series of procedures we follow when conducting addiction treatment. We, first of all, consider the fact that treatment should be individual based as addiction level differs in patients. Here is a list of our treatment steps;


Substance abuse recovery in Nashville does not have a one size fit all treatment. This is why we first of all conduct assessments of patients. 

This assessment is done to understand a patient’s condition. We examine the patients to determine;

  • The severity of addiction
  • The presence of mental illness or disorder
  • Behavioral manifestations of patients.

This helps us to determine the best treatment option, whether an outpatient treatment will be sufficient or an inpatient treatment plan is required.

The assessment also helps to determine how intensive the treatment will be. This is a step forward towards achieving recovery.


To recover from an addiction, detoxification is crucial. Detoxification is a way of getting rid of the harmful addictive substance and abstaining from taking in the substance or involving in that compulsive behavior.

We provide medically supervised detox which is the only advisable form of detoxification. We help to manage any form of complication that may arise from severe withdrawal symptoms.

We also help to engage patients in activities or when necessary prescribe the medications that can help them manage withdrawal successfully without relapse.


Therapy is a very important tool to achieve substance abuse recovery in Nashville. It helps to engage patients on many levels. Individual therapy such as CBT can change the behavioral orientation of patients.

Group therapy such as a 12-step program can provide a support group for patients which can facilitate quick recovery.

Extra Activities

Replacing bad habits with good ones is a great recovery strategy. We have extra activities that we have included in our treatment plans for an overall positive impact on our patients.

We organize activities such as; healthy habits education, exercise, productive skills, substance abuse orientation, and so on. This helps to build our patients physically and mentally.


Relapse is seen as a possibility, that is why we have invested time in helping our patients to fight relapse. We educate them on possible triggers of substance abuse and how to avoid them.

Healthy skills and habits that they have learned during rehab can also help them to transition easily.

Our substance abuse recovery steps have been designed to make substance abuse recovery in Nashville an easily achievable feat.

Substance Abuse Recovery Nashville

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Substance Abuse Recovery Nashville

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