Ventura drug rehab

Ventura drug rehab

Enlight Treatment Center is a preeminent Ventura drug rehab with the lowest relapse rates and hundreds of positive reviews from alumni patients. Our addiction recovery program encompasses six stages. They are:

  1. Precontemplation

It is the first stage of the recovery process where the addicts do not find their condition concerning. Drug users may be in denial, and the last thing they want to hear is advice on why they should quit or consider the potential side effects of addiction. There are four types of precontemplators. They are:

  • Reluctant precontemplators – individuals of this sort lack awareness of their condition and do not possess the motivation to change.
  • Rebellious precontemplator – Individuals who like to live life on their own terms and hate receiving advice or guidance on what to do.
  • Resigned precontemplator – These are people overwhelmed by their addictive behavior and have lost any or all hope for the possibility of change.
  • Rationalizing precontemplator – These are individuals who whole-heartedly believe that their addiction is not an issue that would harm them.
  1. Contemplation

After precontemplation, individuals eventually come to terms with the fact they may have a substance abuse disorder and start to show signs that they wish to change. While individuals want to change, they are still contemplating and find it hard to commit to a recovery strategy. During contemplation, individuals are more receptive to learning about the consequences of their drug/alcohol abuse disorder and the substance use services available.

  1. Preparation

In this phase, an addict commits to take action and agrees to meet with a health care professional. Recovering addicts tend to sign up for long-term alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA, and look forward to beginning their recovery journey.

  1. Action

Recovering addicts start exhibiting a change in behavior at this stage. The action stage begins with medical detox at a drug rehab and alcohol treatment facility with medical professionals helping the recovering addict manage the withdrawal symptoms. Patients also receive substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County for their underlying mental health problems. Not to mention, patients learn healthy and effective coping strategies to manage stress and triggers in the long term.

  1. Maintenance & relapse

In the maintenance phase, recovering addicts develop a new substance-free lifestyle and employ the skills and tools in day-to-day situations to avoid relapse. A small share of individuals may end up relapsing. In such cases, they will require specialized treatment.

  1. Termination

When an ex-addict no longer feels threatened by triggers, cravings, or stressful situations, they reach the termination stage. Individuals at this stage feel confident and comfortable living their life without having to fear relapse or substances.

Call Enlight Treatment Center to receive help from a team of experienced professionals and embark on a liberating journey towards sobriety. Our combination of medication-assisted treatments, 12-step programs, and ongoing care therapy prepares patients for sustainable sobriety and empowers them with essential skills to lead a healthy and happy life. As a leading Ventura drug rehab, we customize our programs to address each patient’s unique needs.

Ventura drug rehab

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Ventura drug rehab

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