Zapper Digital Professional

Zapper Digital Professional

What is Zapper Digital Professional?

Zapper Digital Professional is an easy-to-use resonator that takes only a minute to program. HealthProducts2 provides phone and email support to any of your product related inquiries. YouTube videos are also made available to easily access guided materials.

Zapper Digital Professional is not your ordinary Zapper device. It is a handheld frequency resonator with programs of over 3500 treatments and with the highest Zapper quality. This is by far the most powerful Zapper device available in the market today.

What makes Zapper powerful?

Zapper Digital Professional produces multiple bandwidths of frequency, with a super sweep, 15x more the default programs and convergence sweep. It also exceeds expectations in ampere and power output to help heal even the most serious illnesses.

Dr. Clark has expressed over time that precise frequencies, higher power amp and output provides the best healing properties. The device was engineered using the highest standards in Germany and continues to produce the same frequencies with the best quality.

How to use Zapper Digital Professional?

The Zapper electronics can be used through the 4 straps provided in the kit, two straps for the hands and the other two for the feet. This provides a balanced frequency wave to destroy and kill pathogens inside our body. It comes with the ETDFL frequency manual and a set of specific frequency program to help reverse the many illnesses and chronic diseases. The Zapper technology has helped many patients of Dr. Clark, it has over 16000 users with a positive experience.

What are the Specifications of Zapper Digital Professional

Zapper Digital has a large 30MHZ Quartz Crystal Core that uses an electronic oscillator regulated by the quartz crystal to produce frequency output. The crystal creates a precise frequency signal making Zapper Digital extremely accurate in producing the needed frequencies.

The Zapper Digital Professional has a set of programs that charge across the crystal plane to be driven through the electric signal and creates the most accurate harmonic resonator. It has 15 Group Series that are fully programmable with keyboards to enter frequencies easily and quickly.

The device uses a Power Adapter Rating of 4500ma with more Amp Capacity, 100% Positive Offset, Digital Accuracy, switchable RF and CW frequencies, and LCD display with more options.

The Zapper Digital Professional has a frequency range of 0000.01Khz – 0999.00Khz with a lab tested pure square waveform performed on all Zapper frequencies. It also has Harmonic Waveform frequencies on 100%, Square Wave Output, and with 2 straps connected to the machine without the need for Y junction.

The device is manufactured in the USA with DC switching mode power supply adapter for all countries. It has a Standard Sweep, Standard Run, Pulse Sweep and Run (new feature), Convergence Sweep, Super Sweep, settings for multiple disease treatments, and Clinic Standard Device to key in all your clients or patient’s programs before treatment.

Through the books of Dr. Hulda Clark’s, you can learn what needs to be done in order to achieve and maintain good health. We, at Health Products 2 believe in natural health technologies through the use of Dr. Clark’s devices to help cleanse and even kill the main cause of your diseases.



Zapper Digital Professional

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